GPD Pocket 2 M3-8100Y 8GB Ram 256GB SSD 7″ Laptop Black


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  • Ultra thin metal body
  • Equipped with 7th generation Intel Core m3 processor
  • 8GB RAM 256GB ROM
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Best choice for mobile office

You can use PS to act on your inspirations, anywhere and anytime.

Whether you are engaged in design work in: civil construction, decoration, industrial drawing, engineering, electronics, tailoring and so on, the GPD Pocket 2 is undoubtedly the best ultra-mobile productivity tool for you.

With GPD Pocket 2, you can work and communicate when and where it is needed, allowing you to improve work efficiency.

Technology rivals the MacBook

With 2.5 times the performance of the previous generation Pocket, streamlined sleek and stylish design, UNIBODY machined magnalium construction rivaling the MacBook, the palm sized GPD Pocket 2 satisfies the tastes and mobile office needs of the most discerning business professionals.

Only 8mm at thinnest section

At only 8mm at its thinnest section, the GPD Pocket 2 is 57% less thick than the previous generation GPD Pocket. It weighs only 510g, 410g less than Apple MacBook and 255g less than the Microsoft Surface Go.

Suspended keyboard

The keyboard has been ergonomically designed to ensure ease of use. Each keycap is independent of the others, and with their large surface area they offer an improved contact area between finger tip and keycap. Typing requires very little force and therefore can be more accurate. The Pocket 2 keyboard brings a comfortable feel, while the independent keys and non-adhesive keycaps, decreases the potential for pressing the wrong key.

Optical Finger Navigation

With the built in Optical Finger Navigation, you can operate with one finger for 360- degree rotation and movement anywhere. It can also replace direction key, the effect is comparable to the optical mouse. The Pocket 2 can still support touch screen, multi- touch makes touch screen operation more convenient, you just need to click the screen to open a program.

Retinal level screen

GPD Pocket 2 has a 7-inch IPS 1920×1200 resolution screen, delivering more colors and higher contrast. With a 323 PPI screen, it provides a bright Retina display experience with better in screen details than the MacBook and new Surface Pro. The IPS-based screen has viewing angles up to 178?? in either the horizontal or vertical. Use of In-Cell full lamination allows the Pocket 2 to have a screen that is thin, thus reducing the weight of the device. With a screen border of only 4mm, the Pocket 2 delivers an almost borderless viewing experience.

Excellent e-reader

GPD Pocket 2 is also an excellent e-reader. Compared with traditional e-readers, GPD Pocket 2 possesses a larger storage capacity and supports more software and e-book formats. Download your favorite e-book anytime and anywhere.

GPD Pocket 2 gives you an immersive experience for watching movies and listening to music, offering an authentic private cinema for you.

Equipped with 7th generation Intel Core m3 processor

GPD Pocket 2 uses the same Intel Core m3 8100Y processor as the new Surface Pro. With 14nm fabrication, ultra-low voltage, low power consumption, 99.76MHz bus speed, 4GT/s OPI, the data transmission speed can read a peak of 4??10^9 times per second. It also has a 4MB L3 Cache and provides fast and efficient processing and data recall.

Intel UHD Graphics 615 Core Performance Up to 350%

GPD Pocket 2 is equipped with ninth-generation UHD Graphics 615, featuring 24 Execution Units and a max dynamic frequency of 900MHz. When parallel processing of graphics data for high throughput, UHD Graphics 615 can boost up to 350% resulting in smooth graphics and video playback.

Reading and writing speed doubled, boots in seconds

The GPD Pocket 2 storage is capable of sequential read speeds of 504MB/s and sequential write speed of 403MB/s. Compared with the GPD Pocket, the read-write speeds have increased substantially. This means that boot up and software loading requires a lot less time, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

Active cooling design, perfect performance

The biggest advantage of the GPD Pocket 2 is its active cooling design. All the most popular ultra-thin laptops on the market do not use active cooling, leading to fast frequency-reduction once the processor hits thermal limits. This reduces their effectiveness for both work and entertainment uses. With its fan based PC-level cooling solution, GPD Pocket 2 provides great performance. Performance is definitely not discounted.

One-button fan mute

The GPD Pocket 2 features a unique ??one-button fan mute?? mode which is a great boon for those who are sensitive to noise. You can work quietly or enjoy videos without system noise interfering with your experience.

Multiple interfaces and easier expansion

Two USB A ports and one Micro SD card slot allows you to expand the storage to 3TB. The Intel 3965Y supports the UHS 104 ultra-high-speed SD interface, with a bus speed up to 104MB/s. It also supports Micro SDXC cards. As tested, the read speed of a SanDisk 128GB Micro SD card was measured to be up to 88MB/s, and the write speed was up to 57MB/s.

Support quick charge and ordinary charger

GPD Pocket 2 supports fast charging based on the PD 2.0 protocol, it can be charged to half full in 30 minutes. Pocket 2 also supports almost all mobile phone chargers and mobile power banks. Just go with one power adapter for both of your Pocket 2 and cellphone. Meanwhile, you can easily find charging source at airport or in cafe for Pocket 2 (most places provide 5V/2A charge output standard).

Compatible with all cellphone chargers,support all mobile power banks charging.

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GPD Pocket 2 M3-8100Y 8GB Ram 256GB SSD 7" Laptop Black

GPD Pocket 2 M3-8100Y 8GB Ram 256GB SSD 7" Laptop Black